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fle game engine - движок для создания игр
fle game engine - движок для создания игр

Balls and holes PC game / Balls and Holes PC игра
23 мая 2018
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Введение в программирование игр на С++ для платформы DirectX 9 - Первый старт


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Creating game on fle game engine - Simple game - Sprites

1. Sprites

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In this lesson, we will hold a sort of fast start - an introduction to the game creation in the fle game engine.


page 1 - Sprites

page 2 - Objects

page 3 - Overlay objects

page 4 - Coding - Setting parameters for the Scene Editor fge and write code to display the sprite ball in your first gaming application

page 5 - Show jumped ball

page 6 - Loading game scene

page 7 - Moving game scene

page 8 - Closing of the scene from the cavities by means of a black texture with a slot, restricts the movement of the scene

page 9 - We realize getting into the correct hole and around the holes - holes define the boundaries of sprites and sprite jumped ball

page 10 - Testing collisions

page 11 - Game score, sounds, music

Before you start creating the game, even the most simple, you need to have a clear plan. Following it you will be able gradually to answer questions and to achieve the desired goal.

We will do our first game using the system fle game engine.

The game is called Funny Ball.

In this game you will need to move the floor, with holes, so that the bouncing balls hit one of them. Floor will be moved using mouse movements. Ball on the contrary, will try to jump back in the side, not to fall into the hole. If it was - you get an increase in their gaming score.

The concept of the game scenes

The concept of the game scenes

Any 2d or 3d game always includes gaming scene and game objects placed on it.

In the picture you can see the game object ball is placed in the gaming scene.

Game scene is flat, 2d.



You see in the picture sprites. They can be static or animated.

Sprite - is a graphical element of the dynamical image.

Graphical - because it is an image element. Dynamical - because the image can contain within several frames.

On the screen at any time, only one is always visible frame. If the sprite consists of only one frame - it is a static sprite.

Sprites are square and rectangular.

Key features of the sprite - it is his size, frame size, number of shots and playback speed.

Generally speaking sprite includes animation, but we will consider sprites and images consisting of only one frame, that is to in fact it is also sprites, just without the animation, but both are the backbone of any game - It's all what a player see on the screen and nothing more.

We will be with you all the three sprites: bouncing ball and sand block with hole.

jumped ball

jumped ball

sand block

sand block with hole

The first image shows the visibility for all 8 frame animation of the ball bouncing, on the second he shows already in action.

Well, with a sandy block I think everything is clear.

For sandy block need to implement one feature: the ball should fall into the hole, therefore, to create this effect, we will need 2 sandy block images superimposed on each other. The top will simulate the upper part of the hole - the earth's surface, and the second - its background - back.

sand block with hole - front part

sand block with hole - back part

The back part, as we see, is no different from the original image sandy block.

That's all you need in order to simulate the following effect -

jumped ball

View a sprite with your own eyes, you can download a sample Coords2D Simple game (307 Kb) -

Download example Coords2D Simple game

Install, run Coords2D.exe and select menu item File > Reload.

Now, sprites are prepared, is now using the Scene Editor, you need to prepare the gaming scene - Ie, to place game objects in its place.

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fle game engine - движок для создания игр
fle game engine - движок для создания игр

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