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fle game engine - движок для создания игр
fle game engine - движок для создания игр

Balls and holes PC game / Balls and Holes PC игра
17 августа 2018
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megainformatic - Темы для WordPress
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About author of project

  Sinicin Andrey Sergeevich, date of birth March 27, 1979.

Offered         you their services for the development and promotion - sites, software products and design solutions in the field of website design and design games and programs. Also consults and provides information support on interesting you questions.

Sinicin Andrey Sergeevich - the author of Mega Informatic project


Skype - megainformatic



In 2001 graduated from the Mari State University (MarSU).

In          2004 graduate school at MarSU.

In currently engaged in the development of design and programming of the web application and adjacent areas - professional computer aided design (design calendars, greeting cards, vignettes, retouch old photos, black and white otsvetnenie photos, create cards and similar products), the creation of website, games, training materials.

Also consult on these issues and related fields. spend training and lessons - Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3ds max, php, html + css, javascript, delphi, c++, the creation of games, music creation, website and more more.


Sphere Interest: information technology, graphics, programming, development Web-based applications and computer games.

In computer science and IT (information technology) to develop programs training courses to work in Windows XP, Word, Excel, Access (database).

on Computer Graphics: training courses on work in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3DS Max.

All these courses are adapted for distance learning and self-represented on the site in the form of articles and manuals.


Slightly about Me:

computer and informatics doing since 1992. While starting from a computer          "Electronics BC-0010.01." He has mastered almost all the basics Computer Science and Information Technology: working with documents (in text          Editor TED8), basics of programming in BASIC and machine code, creating images and graphics, making music (KLAVESIN). Since 1998, he joined IBM. My first car was an IBM-compatible PC - 286/10/1 Mb RAM/40 Mb HDD. As time went on, I moved on to more advanced machines continued to develop Information Technology and Computer Science.

With 2002 engaged in teaching. His path began          the Mari State University, conducted a subject "Information technology in agriculture" and "Processes and equipment for food          productions". Since 2003, tasked to individual learning for everyone and training for operators PC. Since 2005, also led courses on computer graphics and design.

2005 - April 2006, conducted training courses in various fields and the individual programs. This is mainly in the direction of training the operator PC and Computer graphics and design, individual classes, special programs.

With May 2006 to October 2010 he was engaged in professional computer          design and development of the individual game projects.

In currently engaged in the creation and development of website, lessons          applications and software, design and graphics.

Extra interested and engaged in the creation and development of computer          games. Therefore, preparing materials for publication on the site and conduct training - on the subject, that is, programming of computer games          in Delphi and C++, as well as the theory and practice of design and engineering computer games from scratch, starting from the idea, through the development of a design project, creation of graphics, sound and music, programming, testing, debugging, and promotion of the final product.



Skype - megainformatic


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fle game engine - движок для создания игр
fle game engine - движок для создания игр

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